Cancellation guarantee

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During the 2021 season, SÈNIA Cancellation Guarantee expands the conditions to cover certain cases related to Covid-19. The client may be reimbursed 100% of the amount paid (after deduction of the reservation costs and the value of the guarantee) giving notice up to 48 hours prior to the arrival date, provided that at least one of these 5 assumptions is met :

  • Mobility restrictions related to Covid-19 that prevent the customer from reaching the campsite.
  • The closure of the borders of the client’s country of residence or the confinement of their city of residence.
  • The closure of borders in Spain that prevent the client from entering the country.
  • The closure of the campsite.
  • The holder of the reservation or a person from his family unit living in the same address is diagnosed as positive for the virus or is in a quarantine situation  (in any case, the pertinent medical justification will be necessary).


The Sènia Group proposes hiring a cancellation guarantee that covers, under certain circumstances, the reimbursement of all or part of your stay.


  • The subscription to the cancellation guarantee packageis strongly advised. The amount is 3€/night. This amount must be fully payed at the time of the booking.
  • The cancellation includes the correspondant reimbursement of the costs of your stay, after deducting the management fees and the amount of this guarantee, upon presentation of proof of the cancellation in the following circumstances.
  • Group Sènia will not refund for any reason not covered by this guarantee.

In case of one of the following events occurs before your arrival:

  • Serious illness or serious accident or death of the owner or spouse (or legal partner) or one of its ancestors or direct descendants, sons or daughters.
  • Death of a brother, sister or stepbrother/sister.
  • Considerable material damage to your property requiring your presence.
  • Loss of job, except for contracts of less than one year.
  • Accident or theft of your vehicle and / or caravan that occures during your route (direct) to the campsite.
  • Obtaining, after the reservation date, a contract of indefinite duration by a person registered with the employment service for more than 1 year.


    • 100%. If the events described above occur between the booking date and 30 days before the expected date of arrival, you will be refunded the total downpayment as a reservation fee (minus the booking fees and the cost of this guarantee).
    • 90%. In case that these events take place within 30 days before the expected date of arrival, and you have paid the total amount of your stay, 90% will be refunded (deducting the downpayment as a reservation fee, the booking fees and the cost of the guarantee).
    • In case you have to cancell with more than 30 days before the expected date of arrival and the reason for its cancellation does not correspond to any of the assupmtions above, the total given in account (minus the booking fees and the cost of the guarantee) can be refunded as a discount on another stay during the same season and subject to availability.
    • In case you have to cancell with 30 days or less before the expected date of arrival and the reason for its cancellation does not correspond to any of the assupmtions above, the total given in account woun’t be refunded.
    • No discount will be applied in case of late arrival or early departure if the reason does not correspond to any of the assupmtions above.


    If one of the above mentioned events take place during your stay and you have to leave the campsite before the expected date of departure, 80% of the value of the unused days until the final date of your reservation  will be refunded.


  • Damage resulting from foreign war, civil war, strike, nuclear / radioactive effects or terrorism.
  • Damage caused directly by the holder or members enrolled in the reserve.
  • Suicide or attempted suicide of the owner or members enrolled in the reserve.
  • Accident, illness or death:
  • Any cause occured prior to the acquisition date of the guarantee.
  • Illness that is the consequence of a chronic disease.
  • Causes that affects people over 80 years unless that person’s death occurs less than 5 days before the start date of stay.
  • Depression leading to an hospitalization of less than 3 days.
  • Weather conditions.



  1. Within 24 hours, you must advise the reservations department by email about the incident that prevents the stay.
  2. Send an e-mail requesting the cancellation of your booking.
  3. Send to the reservations department the following documentation:
  • A medical certificate explaining the nature, origin and severity of the accident or disease.
  • Any other proof of the incident.


  • 3€/night.

If you already have your own cancellation insurance or just do not want to get  the cancellation guarantee by SÈNIA, you can indicate this by mail to in up to 48 hours after making your reservation.