Promotion: Book now and don’t pay until June 1st

After the storm comes the holidays

We want to save your vacation!

We have been waiting a whole year and most of us do not know when we will be able to have our well-deserved vacation.

At Sènia we have decided to help you!

Make your reservation now and pay nothing until June 1, 2020.

Because the holidays are not just a few days, we are already excited now and the joy continues when you make your reservation.

You already deserve a vacation!

It is the ideal time to book, to relive those feelings that appear every summer, on every sunny day at the beach, at every sunset and the moment you return to the campsite to see us.

To enjoy this promotion, just make your reservation online and choose payment by bank transfer.

We can also help you with your reservation via email.

We will keep your reservation until June 1!